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Sabiha Kurtulmuş

Guest Co-Curator 2021

Born in Germany in 1972. She had started working in the field of art in 1994 as an artist Bedri Baykam's assistant. During the 14 years of professional experience, she had worked as the General Coordinator in the ‘Pyramid Publishing’ , and was the editor of 42 books. In 2006, she had established the ‘Pyramid Art Gallery’ with Bedri Baykam.
2003-2007 Wrote for the news-paper ‘Cumhuriyet’.
2004-2005 Conducted a radio program, where ‘7 Women Got Together to Talk’.
2004 Established the 1st art store ‘7 Arts Factory’ with Evrim Tümer under counseling of an Art Consultant and Curator Beral Madra.
2005-2006 Worked at the TV8 news center.
2007 Established the first gallery ‘ESKONSEP’ with Ebru Erberdi.
2010 Established her own aret gallery ‘Merkur Gallery’.
Sabiha acted as Consultant for the platform ‘A place for Art’ (within the Doğuş Holding structure) supporting young people, and conducted art meetings with ‘Zubizu’ for a long time. She continues her consulting work on the new contest ‘Discoveries in Sculpture’ with the support of the ‘Milliyet Sanat ve Demirören’ (‘National Art and Demirören’) group , and writing for the ‘Nationality Art Magazine’. For the past two years, together with the Bilgili Holding she has been the co-founder of the ‘ArtWeeks Akaretler’ under the sponsorship of the UBS ‘Global Art’ program. Today Sabiha Kurtulmuş is continuing her career as Art Consultant and Gallerist with her new venture as an Art Consultant for the upcoming Galataport Project.

The MERKUR Gallery was established by Sabiha Kurtulmuş in 2010. 24 years of experience in the art field has given her, and to many well-known artists today, an opportunity to direct the perception of art and to create a new discourse, by gaining an officialism in the art world. Working with Turkey's most important artists, Sabiha Kurtulmuş's priority was to create a new and fresh atmosphere in art environments in Turkey, and to bring young artists together with art lovers. MERKUR is an art organization that creates new spaces within the gallery for young artists. In the process of incorporating young artists into our organization, as a gallery, the concepts, use of different media and aesthetic perception in the portfolios of the artists are taken into consideration. While the works of young artists coexist with originality and reliability, their works produced with experimental techniques using various media are exhibited in an effective way to make an impression. The main goal of MERKUR gallery with its young artists is: through artistic language to bring together today's technology and industry with the audience in a way open to innovations.

Sabiha Kurtulmuş
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