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Disciplines and media:

VISUAL ART. Painting/graphic/sculpture

Our artist residency project works as follows:

Professional international artists are invited to the project.


  • ­accommodation, studio rental,

  • materials required for their work,

  • promotion and presentation of the produced artwork,

  • meals (breakfast/lunch),

  • cultural activities

Expenses paid by the artist:

  • travel,

  • medical insurance,

  • personal needs​

During the project period, THE ARTISTS undertake to create at least one artwork. The works will be donated to the İAR fund. If an artist creates more than one artwork per project, she/he will receive 30% of the sales royalties. All funds received are to be used for the development of the IAR, in particular for the organization of new projects. The IAR project promotes integration into the international art market. The possibility of presenting artworks on international platforms, as well as the sale of artists' works internationally, contributes to the formation of any country’s art market in a global context. Recognition in the international art market is an important tool for promoting a country.


Upon filling out the application form, each project participant indicates the materials with which she/he is going to work:

the number of canvases /paints /brushes and so on. The participants will have an opportunity to order additional materials during the project.

Also, general paints - acrylic/oil/, varnishes, and primers will be available.
At the end of the project, all materials will remain with the IAR.


The participants of the project will be selected by the İAR commission.

The participants must submit their applications for participation through the Open Call.

Applicants should write their name, phone, country, and portfolio in PDF, accompanied by a letter of motivation why they apply and why we should invite you for a trial at İAR. The project commission is represented by an international group of curators and will be led by the Guest Curator of the 2022 project.

THE SELECTION COMMITTEE will take into consideration the following criteria:

- Presented project plan submitted by the candidate-artist;

- Its relevance to local and international art standards;

- Its feasibility and how artists from different parts of the world and of different backgrounds, using different mediums, may interact enriching each other's work processes and results.

Artists from any country in the world are invited to apply for participation, however, applicants from partner countries will be a priority.

The İstanbul Artist Residency makes the artists’ studio open for the visitors. A visit to
artists’ studio reveals art work production process behind the scenes


After completion of the residency project, the artworks will be exhibited in one of the galleries in İstanbul.

The information about dates will be published here.

Fıll out the form at the link bellow
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