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We invite artists to use this period of imposed quarantine as as a ‘residency’ opportunity

As you recall,  the İAR #project was planned to start on March 30. Due to the situation in the world, because of the COVID-19, the project was then postponed to October, 2020. The situation with #coronavirus has affected everyone. Many people are stuck inside their homes, in hotels or other designated quarantine facilities.

Istanbul Artist Residency is excited to collaborate with the @nafasiartspace @redbaseart_official , Youth Leader Found China in the project initiated by the artist Celyn Bricker the Quarantine Residency, online and offline #exhibition #opportunity, where artists who are in #quarantine can submit the artworks they make while in quarantine. We invite artists (or anyone who wishes to participate) to use this period of imposed quarantine as a ‘#residency’ opportunity, to create artwork emerging from this experience of quarantine.

We will start with artists who were supposed to arrive on March 30th to the İAR project. We will ask artists to share with us: their “place of imprisonment”; art-work on which they are working; workshops / atelier /studio (photos of their workshop and art-work). We also want to ask them a question on ''how they are going through this difficult time and what are they inspired by'';

The full description of the project is available on Submit your artwork and a photo of your quarantine space via email

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