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The Istanbul Artıst Resıdency 

The Istanbul Artist Residency (IAR) is an international art and culture exchange platform for contemporary artists. The artist residency project is part of a strategy to place the city at the level of the progressive cultural center. Istanbul has great prospects for the development of the art(ist) residency project as a platform for an art exchange, combining the cultures of the East and West. The main goal of the IAR is to establish an international art center in Istanbul that will actively engage contemporary artists, curators, art communities, and art enthusiasts to cultivate multicultural understanding through the arts. Cooperating with the diplomatic corps of different countries in Istanbul, the İAR aims to contribute to the development of cultural diplomacy through peaceful dialogue.

Since 2019, artists from eight (8) different countries have had the opportunity to take part in the IAR project, including Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, South Africa, Greece, New Zealand, Georgia, and Spain. During the global COVİD-19 pandemic, the İAR Project 2020 was almost the only international residency program in the world that was conducted in real-time physically (not online), by bringing together selected artists from six (6) different countries.

Guest curators and the concept of the IAR 2021

The Guest Curator is undoubtedly one of the key figures for the Istanbul Artist Residency Project. In 2021, the famous Turkish art critic, writer, and curator of contemporary art -  Beral Madra is the Guest Curator of the project. The Guest Curator develops an art concept for the project that will be the theme inspiring and guiding the artists-participants of the project and also will attract the public attention. The co-curator of the IAR 2021 ıs a gallerist, art consultant, writer, founder of the Merkur Gallery, Ms.Sabiha Kurtulmuş. The project will result in an exhibition of works by artists under the direction of Ms. Beral Madra and Ms. Sabiha Kurtulmuş at the Akaretler Gallery Space.

For the artists

The Istanbul Artist Residency (IAR) presents a full-fledged art project in a new format, with an up-to-date concept that artists can work on, by offering a residency space for artists to work in. 

The participant artists have a chance to interact with international curators, the opportunity to receive valuable reviews from an international curatorial group (network). 

The İSTANBUL ARTIST RESIDENCY is launching an INTERNSHIP program for young art managers for its 2021 residency project.