The residency for artists and art activists has long been a popular practice around the world. The İstanbul Artist Residency (İAR) presents the residency for artists in a new format, as a full-fledged art project, which is endowed with an up-to-date concept for artists to work on.

The projects' subject is to introduce the development of international relations under the roof of culture and art. Our first such project in İstanbul was established by artist Polina Somochkina and had been realized in April - May of 2019 with the assistance of the Consulate General of Ukraine in İstanbul and with the sponsorship of a private individual. Every next year we are going to collaborate with more countries, making İstanbul the world artists’ residency center.

We had established ourselves in İstanbul, because it is a city that unites East and West, an ideal place to create a world art center. The İAR projects will be developed as an international art platform. Today it is the first of its kind in Turkey.

It is also important not just to exhibit the international artists’ work in Turkey, but also

to provide opportunities for the artists to create their artworks in another country

(environment), namely, in Turkey / Istanbul, which will inspire them into the new contexts. Working at the art-residency, the artists will open up for themselves a new country, being inspired by her peculiarities and charms. By working within the İAR project, artists will have the opportunity to be inspired not only by the culture of a new country but also to share experiences with each other and to express it in their works.

 For the artlovers 

Be a part of İAR

For the development of the İAR we are looking forward for the support of all those who are

not indifferent to art.

- Consulates’ partnerships;

- Government support;

- Foundations and grants;

- Indıvıdual financing;

- Partnerships.

Also every person can invest to the İAR by buying project’s artworks. The proceeds from the sale of works will go towards the creation of a new projects, and in general the development of the İAR, and some charitable causes.

We are sure that this project is promising and worthy of any form of investment and development.

Furthermore, all support will be acknowledged in our publications, exhibition labels.

Contact us for collaboration opportunities

İstanbul Artist Residenc Ajans Sanat ve Organizasyon

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