About İAR

The Istanbul Artist Residency (İAR) is an international art platform and an agency officially registered in İstanbul, with the main mission to create the world art center that will engage artists from all over the world.
Today it is the first of its kind in Türkiye.
For the artlovers
For the artists

In 2020, the İAR launches 2 projects - a residence for artists and, as part of the residence, an internship program.

In 2020 the project will be realized with the participation of 10 artists (from Turkey, Ukraine, South Africa, Greece, France, Spain, and Poland), working in different mediums and styles, who will work in Istanbul for 10 days, united by a common theme. 

Be a part of the artists' residecy center creation!

Let's make art together. 

An intern who will work in a team following and sharing about the progress of the project.